Tuesday, January 21, 2014

10 Huge Advantages of Writing For Yourself

Here are the 10 huge advantages of writing content for yourself as against writing for a client or getting published on a blogging platform like revenue sharing sites. 

1. Learning Experience: When you write on your personal blogging platform, it helps you become independent. You keep learning as you write. You have to take decisions like the topics to write on, the importance and popularity of the topics you choose to write on, the likely readership and so on. There are several factors that go into the decisions you make on these issues which ensures you do research using the free online tools available. As your learning curve grows higher you will want to switch over from free domain host to the paid one and eventually continue on the growth trajectory. 

2. Development of Expertise: There is a difference in learning and expertise. While learning is a life long process, when you develop expertise you develop a certain level of comfort over the broad field of your writing. For instance, you enhance your reputation if you are an expert in an area. For instance, you may develop expertise over any one or more among science, healthcare, technology, literature, books, entertainment, pets, gardening, wildlife and so on. As a writer, at a certain stage you will have to decide which area you want to develop expertise in. No one can write on everything. So, developing expertise helps in the long run.     

3. Technological Learning: When you've your own writing platform, the real frustration comes not in writing unless you have never written anything before, but in arranging and tweaking, creating good layout, designing the website. As you can see I am very poor in these things, so this site looks cluttered. However, with time you learn and I too hope to learn some basic html language and understand how coding works. Since this is a self-learning, it will come about slowly with trials and errors. Yet, I strongly feel the time has come when every writer should have some basic understanding of technology used in content creation. The younger generation may not face this problem as IT is now pretty much a part of school curriculum right from the first standard. 

4. Freedom to Write: Although the revenue sharing sites also give the writers the freedom to write on anything you want and any time, the freedom with your personal writing site comes with the sense of responsibility. It is like your child that you give your complete attention to. With revenue sharing sites on the other hand, the admin or the site operators are your boss and you could be debarred from writing if you break the rules. Here you make your own rules or change and modify them or not make any rules at all. Yet the freedom here comes with responsibility.      

5. Earning: With your own writing platform, you have no one to share the revenues you generate. While this is the upside, the downside is that it takes a lot of effort and time to generate revenues. With revenue sharing sites, especially those ranking high in PR, it is relatively easier to generate readership and consequent revenue. 

6. Content Ownership: While you own your contents on revenue sharing sites as well as your own site, the advantage of owning them is that you can transition to dotcom or personal domain from free website along with all the contents, while in transitioning to your own site from revenue sharing site, you cannot pull out your contents from there unless you delete them manually from the original site in which case your revenue sharing site will have no contents to show.  

7. Sell Your Site At a Considerable Advantage: If you have your own site, you can easily sell it at a higher price, if the site is optimized and doing well. You cannot sell your account on a revenue sharing site. There are many sellers like Flippa for instance where hundreds of websites are bought and sold everyday. It is common for some of the revenue optimized sites to be sold for several thousands of dollars. 

8. Freedom to Choose Advertisers: If you have your own site, you can decide to choose advertisers who will pay you for clicks or page views. While adsense is the well known advertiser, there are many more that you can have on your blog. With revenue sharing sites, there are advertisers like adsense but rarely beyond. 

9. Freedom to Promote: You can promote nearly anything you choose to on your site and earn commission in the process, but on revenue sharing platforms, you cannot promote any company beyond ebay and amazon. Only Squidoo offers you a larger choice in promotion. 

10. Its Your Completely Owned Business: Your website is your own business that you may want to grow with and take to new  heights. When you write for clients, you feel alienated from your work. On the contrary when you write for yourself, you have the highest degree of involvement.    

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