Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Should you write for essay writing companies

If you are interested in academic writing, essay writing companies offer good opportunities to you. However,  there are several reasons why there can be downside to essay writing, which is not to deny that there are positive advantages of writing for essay writing companies. I will briefly point out some of the positive side to writing for essay writing companies. The essay writing companies are primarily in the business of writing essays, theses, term papers and dissertations for students. In the process of writing for students, the writers develop research skills. They also have the opportunity to read and revise what they may have begun to forget. The research skills are critical for any writer. It offers an immense opportunity to learn and continue to learn. Life long learning is critical to success in any field.

On the downside, writers have to live with the dilemma of doing what may not be ethical. Students are expected to do their work on their own. Their performance in academics depends to a great extent on the performance of their term papers. So, is it ethical for the writers to do their task for monetary consideration?

There can be diverse opinion on the issue. Some writers believe that they are providing only some form of guidance to the students they serve, while students are expected to treat the delivered writing products purely as guidance material and do their work on own.

Additionally, there are writers and companies that churn out low quality content to students that positively harms them. Almost every writing company claims to offer products and services free from plagiarism, but that's not always the case.

As for writers, if they are employed by a scam writing company, they tend to lose their hard earned money. I had this experience with a writing company. I don't want to name the company but I have learned my lesson well. Therefore, before joining a company, writers are advised to do a thorough background search of the company. You can do the background search of the essay writing companies at essay scam site.   



  1. The title has really captured my attention. If I were to ask then I would quickly answer with yes. As long as there is a disclosure with the client as to the scope of the online essay and dissertation writing companies which limits only to the usage as a guide and resources, then I guess everything should be pretty fine.

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