Sunday, October 19, 2014

Real Translations Jobs Are Up on Rise: Huge Demand for Translators

If you are looking for writing jobs, there is no better place than internet. However, if you can translate from one language to another, you can find some of the most rewarding online translation jobs. Here are the top reasons why translation jobs are going to be in huge demand while there may not be many workers to fill in the demand. This will raise the wages for translation jobs.

#1 Reason: The world we live in is increasingly turning into a global village. The first and the most important implication of this is that the world has literally become a market place. However, the marketers may not take complete advantage of the market unless they overcome language barriers.

#2 Reason: People in every region and every culture respond best when they read content in their native language even when they understand the other language.

#3 Reason: The revolutionary changes brought about in communication technologies have given a huge boost to the tourism industry. Increasingly more people are desirous of learning other languages.

#4 Reason: Next to actual learning, the tourists and pretty much anyone who has the need and reason to communicate in other language prefers to read the translated documents before arriving at a new destination.   

#5 Reason: The increased people to people communication, multiculturalism, multinational businesses, relocations, migrations have together gone on to present a scenario in which the translators have assumed an important role, never before in human history.

The translation jobs are increasingly more available for those who can speak and write in English and one or more among the following languages: Chinese, Russian, Hindi and other Indian languages, European languages and Arabic.

If you can read and write at the average level in English and one or more of these languages, you stand to gain pretty much lucrative offers. Today almost everyone in the third world is a writer but not everyone is a translator, so given the level of demand and meager supply, the translators are commanding better wages.

How do you go about looking for translation jobs?

Internet is a great tool to search whatever you are looking for. If you take time to read job postings in Elance, Guru and freelancer, you are bound to land some good offers. But these are only the tip of the iceberg. Most of the employers at these sites are those who have landed the jobs directly from the source and outsourced for other writers and translators. So, you won't get the best wages here.

The other alternative is to access the jobs directly from some of the top companies. It is not easy to break into their network. They don't advertise their job offers on the net. However, these are real translation jobs. They give pretty decent wages for their work. You will find some of the top translation jobs, all at one place here. Just click this link.

How legitimate are the jobs at Real Translation Jobs. I can definitely confirm on the basis of my experience that this is not a scam or fake company. They have all the jobs located at one place and you can choose and pick the ones you would like to do. You get paid on time. The payment for each job is noted right along with the job. If the company was not legitimate, they would not refund you the money for purchase, but they invariably refund your purchase once you inform them that you do not find their product useful.

However, it is advised to pick a translation job only when you can complete it in time. This way you will build a great credibility with your employers and they will assign their jobs to you only.

You may want to know, if there are negative features or minuses with this company. The only negative thing I found about the company is that this company has no competitor. They have a monopoly, so they may increase their joining fees. You will have to pay the joining fees only once, not month after month.

Other than that, I am yet to find anything negative about the company. Yet you might ask, is it not possible to find the jobs listed with the company on the internet through open search. I found out that most of the jobs listed here are exclusive to this company. In other words, the translation job companies may have entered into prior agreement with this company that they will not post their jobs anywhere on the list. However, I have also found that some of the members pick up the jobs from here and advertise it elsewhere at cheaper wages. I don't know whether to call it unethical or entrepreneurial skill, but I guess that's how market operates anywhere. When you have too many jobs, you work on some and outsource the rest or outsource all the jobs taking only some cuts. In any case, whatever strategy you choose, it is going to be a win-win solution for your financial worries.