Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The site that offers earning with learning

There are hundreds of sites that pay you to write. With some of the sites you can make enough money to make full time living. However, not all of these sites are open to international writers. Recently, I came across a company that pays you to write in multiple ways. That apart, you have complete flexibility in writing what you want, when you want.

The company is IndiaStudyChannel

I will briefly explain the history of this company. It is the fastest growing educational website in India. According to the information presented on the site: "ISC was originally developed as an academic project by Timmy John, as part of his B.Tech course in Pondicherry university. The project came up well, so his teachers and professors encouraged him to host this project as a publicly available website. That gave birth to IndiaStudyChannel.com in June 2007. Currently, there are 3 partners for ISC: Timmy (Founder of ISC), Tony (Technical Architect/Business Management, Microsoft MVP), Jose Mathew (Webmaster)." The company is growing very fast and as of May 2009 received on average 275000 page views perday. The members of the company together receive around $2800 per month in adsense revenue while the company gives away a lot of money to members for promotion. It is not a get rich quick scheme but what is reassured that if you can devote some time to writing and participation, your earning will keep on growing since the works you do will keep you returning income month after month.

Earning programs of ISC

The company offers three primary earning programs: (i) Cash Credits (ii) Google Ad Revenue (iii) Cash prizes and credits from various competitions. ISC has various sections like Resources, Ask experts etc. You earn money for posting under these sections. This money is known as cash credits shown instantaneously on your dash board but paid when it reaches minimum threshold. There are several ways you can earn cash credits including posting your old question papers, asking questions, answering questions and so on. Additionally you can earn through Google Adsense program. You can earn 90 percent from Google Adsense. The company generates revenue through other advertisement programs which it uses to give away gifts and cash awards to members.

If the idea of earning from multiple sources within a single website appeals you, click here   


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