Tuesday, January 14, 2014

How Writing Career Is Transforming Today

Writing career has changed dramatically within the last decade or two. I believe every one, that is pretty much every one who uses internet, mobile and other gadgets to communicate is a writer. That was not the case earlier. In past, there were limited avenues in the print media for writers. Technology has changed all that. A writer need not be at the mercy of publishers and editors because every one needs content today.

If you think, you can write, you can write. It is that easy. If you think you can earn money writing, you can. This is possible largely because technology has empowered everyone.

However, if you are used to security in career or are looking forward to a secured tenure, internet is not the place that can instantly guarantee full time earning. Yet, you can certainly find a little time to make money online writing. 

No one will ask you how qualified you are. No one looks for credentials or certificates to write online. All you need in the online world to write is to write something that makes sense. In other words, everyone from a Nigerian to Pakistani and Indian known as ESL writers or the writers whose English is the second language to EFL Americans and Britishers with English as their first language are free to write on the same platform.

All you need to decide is when and for whom are you going to write. If you are going to write for a client, they will pay you to write the stuff they want. If you want to earn writing within half an hour to an hour with money paid instantly, you can begin writing for iwriter. But there are hundreds of other online writing sites where you get paid to write. All you need is Google "freelance writing" or any other search term.

When you begin writing for the first time online, anything you earn first time sounds too good. Soon you will realize, you are getting peanuts for all your labor. The clients who want you to write for them are actually making money off your writing. 

So, a better idea is why not write for yourself. In other words, when you write for yourself, you have your byline and you also earn something in addition. There are some websites like hubpages, triond, YCN, Squiddo  lense and several more, where you can open multiple earning channels. For instance, you earn from google adsense, from amazon, from ebay and few more sources. Only your income is split 50/50 or 40/60 depending on where you are writing. The income split is justified because you do not have to worry about hosting your site. In addition, these sites have high PR which helps you promote your content to a large number of audience. 

This is quite unlike ever before. Anyone can be a writer and anyone can begin writing and earning anytime they decide to. Compared to the past, where only few could write, this has been a real transformation. Some of the old print newspapers are today dying and decaying or have been compelled to transform and run online versions along with printed paper versions. 

In addition, the niche for which any one can write has multiplied exponentially. There are more fields to write than one can imagine. In comparison, there were limited periodicals earlier with limited topics and issues to write on. 

We have entered into an era when content is truly the King. Every one who has a presence on internet needs content whether they write it themselves or hire writers to write them. In addition, the need for content is increasing by the day because content is essential to drive traffic.    

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